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How do you provide the best care for an older relative or friend? It's a complex question that raises a string of related questions. While it may seem like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, just know you're not alone. At Presbyterian Homes, a not-for-profit organization, we've been helping families find the answers they need and providing the best care for their loved ones for over a century.

Through the years, we've learned a thing or two. Whether you find the retirement living or care assistance you need at a Presbyterian Homes community, or somewhere else, we're pleased to share what we know with you.

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Dr. Peter Jaggard, Mark Havrilka, Lydia Torrese, Lisa Vandermark, Kathi Young

With a combined total of more than 150 years of experience helping seniors and their families find the best care options, our Senior Care Answer Team is ready to assist you, too.

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Does Mom or Dad Need Help?

When is it time to consider long-term care? Click here to find out if your family member is simply "getting by" or is truly thriving.

What Do These Terms Mean?

You may discover there's a whole new vocabulary related to senior care. Click here to find definitions for commonly used terms here.

What Are Our Options?

From in-home health care to a residential assisted living community, click here to learn some of the care options to consider.

What Can We Afford?

Can you afford care? Click here to learn about the costs, and what Medicare and other benefits typically cover.

How Do I Talk To Mom or Dad?

Has Mom or Dad said they'll never leave their house? Click here to learn tips for discussing long-term care with your family.

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